Blog Guidelines

These are my blogs recommendations and guidelines.

*  The only personal information shared is first name ONLY.                   *  only schoolwork is posted and no personal photos.                                 *  No rude comments/or negativity is accepted.                                           *  Enjoy my posts and have fun.                                                                       *  Don’t share usernames or passwords.                                                         *  Only positivity is accepted so only good feedback.                                   *  You are welcome to look at as many posts as long as there’s no negativity.                                                                                                                *  Follow my rules and have a good time on my blog.

Hi, I’m Chloe welcome to my blog.

On this blog I’ll be posting my school work and things in the schools environment. This blog is to be a happy page just to express school achievements so negativity is not accepted. I hope you enjoy my blog and welcome.